Weekend Brunch

11am to 3pm

Grilled & Chilled Watermelon* — $11
Goat cheese, tomato, basil, shallot

Fried Egg — $13
Sourdough, pesto, sausage, egg

Uova Al Forno* — $16
Baked eggs, asparagus, spicy capocollo, parmigiano, marinara

Italian Benedict — $16
Tomato, prosciutto, parsley aioli

Florentine — $16
Tomato, spinach, bacon

BC Benedictine— $18
Cured salmon

Pizza And The Egg — $14
Brussels, bacon

French Toast — $18
Mascarpone, apples, fresh fruit

Carbonara — $19
Pancetta, pecorino, egg yolk


Ask your server for the Chef’s daily special,
items which are gluten free will have an (*)

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